Change Starts Here Re​-​mix

by Ian Alleyne, R.J. Cui, Doris Djulic, Omar Mouallem

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The song, 'Change Starts Here' -- is presented in a brand new way - revised and re-mixed to say thank you for all you do for community.



When you're down, and you got nowhere to turn
And times are hard, and you don't know where to go (ooooh)
When it's dark, reach out your hand, we'll be right there
Everybody needs a second chance, everybody needs a little help
Because the change, starts right here.

We thank you, no words can express,
The effects of everybody's hands that they lent,
With one vision, you brought about success to connect
And reflect your good selves in a change we'll never forget

We thank you, for the hands you gave
Pushed through the struggles of the troubles we faced
You took action, made truth from dreams
Compassion saved lives, passionate beliefs

We thank you, you volunteered year after year
And if not for you we could not be here
You provided safe streets helped people to cope
You and I can find peace with a will to have hope

Everybody get up, we got ourselves together, together we're strong ain't got no fear
Everybody get up, we worked with one another, You and I, made the change, the change start here!

Verse 1: (Doris)
Off the streets with the skills they need, to turn dreams into a reality achieved
Done with being afraid, gained a new belief for hope
Addicted to success finding new ways to cope
A new path of independence, a stand for second chances at winning
Keeping kids committed, in post-secondary admission
Given to limit to fund their ambitions, lifted with a new vision to embrace
To be all that they can be in every single way, safe neighborhoods, for any child to play
Cuz everyone deserves the chance for change
United Way proved that it's never too late.

Verse 2: (Omar)
From the village to villas, from the urbs to burbs
to our homes and our offices, we got this.
Can't stop this community, when they view the need
they illuminate the room like a movie screen
Cause we, that's you and me, beat, the truest feat reached,
the newest peaks by hitting poverty
When you saw the passion, you took action
Reacted, pledged your hand for second chances
So stand for a better tomorrow,
Put a feather in a wing to soar over the sorrow.
And that's the story of United Way,
Change starts here you made it more than a phrase

Verse 3: (R.J.)
We thank you for telling your story and supporting,
providing more beautiful mornings for us to live
For what is our existence if it is not to give,
building kits to care and playgrounds for kids
Unity brought forth with pathways created,
for later days we can say's a reason that we made it
An inspirational note of music that we quote,
packed backpacks sorted through thousands of coats
Participated in Day after day of caring,
no selfishness in the air apparent,
moving from homeless to home with belief to belong,
it's the Power of reducing poverty through a song

Bridge: x 4
United Way we made a way, It's you and I we made that change
U-AND-I Ted Way we made a way, it's you and I we made that change!


released May 22, 2012
Produced by PlanIt Sound
Music performed by Fred Brenton
Mixed and mastered by R.J. Cui for PlanIt Sound

Featured artists - Ian Alleyne, R.J. Cui, Doris Djulic, Omar Mouallem

String Quartet -
Moni Mathew, John Calverley - violins
Miriam Ferguson - viola
Martin Kloppers - cello



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