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United We're Strong is a mash-up of three different solo songs, performed by three different artists. Tupelo Honey's Dan Davidson, who performs a rock solo, is joined by 13-year-old Edmonton singing sensation Yasmeen Najmeddine and rapper Maigan van der Giessen.


Verse 1
She looks herself in the mirror and what, seemed so clear
Is now more blurry than ever been, and she feels her fear
Broken in tears, no patience left, she tries to numb the pain

United we’re strong, united we’ll be
We know we belong, we have to believe
Believe in you and me, in you and, in you and me.

Verse 2
Another door slams and the world just turns a shoulder
Where do we go from here now
Where do we go from here now
We can watch it all start to fade in the rear view mirror
I got somebody countin on me now
Somebody countin on me now
One foot in front of the other
Tripped up but I'm gonna recover
Gotta second chance to start again


Verse 3
Little girl's growing up, got a long way to go, action and consequence, reap what you sow
Trying so hard to run with the cool cats, figuring out where you are's where you're at
Take a wrong turn, no one showed you a better way, getting lost, messing up, making a mistake
Wishing you could make another choice, find another way, didn't think you'd be here,
But you are, time to make a change, heading home in the back of a cop car
Sometimes you have to forget to know who you are, Finally come around when you hit the ground, you've got to take responsibility so you can stand proud.


You know it’s better together, and there’s nothing we have to hide
This is where you begin again, take a step in a new direction,
The first day of the rest of your life, dignity, family, love and protection



released September 18, 2012
Composed, Mixed and Mastered by: R.J. Cui for PlanIt Sound
Music performed by: Fred Brenton
Written by: R.J. Cui, Daniel Davidson, Maigan van der Giessen, and Yasmeen Najmeddine
Performed by: Daniel Davidson, Maigan van der Giessen, and Yasmeen Najmeddine



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