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United Way in Alberta Capital Region brings a new beat to community support, ushering in a new brand with this upbeat rap and R&B song by up and coming Canadian artists from PlanIt Sound, a St. Albert-based company.


Change Starts Here - Lyrics

We gotta get up, we gotta get ourselves together, we gotta be strong, can't have no fear
We gotta wake, we gotta work with one another, United Way means the change, the change starts here

Verse 1: (R.J. Cui)
The change starts, he reviews his thoughts, refuse to lose, or peruse parking lots, poverty
To possibility possibly, with disregard for what all the costs will be, of course
He came up short, forgettin' the cause, because he 'd create costs, he couldn't afford
Forget the faux pas, won't pause gotta move on sing his own tune old school wit a new song
Fella got his groove back, bet he be back better job, better mood, better feedback
Reach up off your knees we will find you U-AND-I-TEd way we're here right behind you

Verse 2: (Omar Mouallem)
He brushes the dust off his pant cuffs, stands up, no more feeling landlocked, with his hands up
They gave him a hand Instead of giving handcuffs, cause they know every one can have some bad luck
He was never too much a man to grab one, now his little man reaches for his dad's thumb
His world is theirs so they're compelled to invest with Homeless Connect and Coats for his kid
Now he's got two loves when he used to have none, and the hope they give puts slack in his rope
Cause he never wants to go back to battling with dope, beat his Waterloo to see his new home grow

Verse 3: (Doris Djulic)
Through his father he's given a change, for a chance to a better life, warmer nights, the ability to write
To learn to earn, cuz he deserves to be, all that a kid can be, and a chance to reach his full potential
His finishing his last semester, on the road to becoming a successor, but he'll always remember
where he got his pencils, and who helped him with the shelter, with a dime a day he gained a way to maintain and all it took was one minute, 1 change, 1 vision, 1 gain, 1 belief to succeed to achieve his dream, but who'da thought he'd be the kid sitting right Next to me

Bridge: x 4
United Way will make a way, it ain't too late to make a change
U-AND-I Ted Way will make a way, it ain't too late to make a change!


released May 22, 2012
Produced by PlanIt Sound
Music performed by Fred Brenton
Mixed and mastered by R.J. Cui for PlanIt Sound

Featured artists - Ian Alleyne, R.J. Cui, Doris Djulic, Omar Mouallem

String Quartet -
Moni Mathew, John Calverley - violins
Miriam Ferguson - viola
Martin Kloppers - cello



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